Editing the score with unisono chant parts

• Apr 12, 2015 - 11:29

I need help: I am trying to write down a score of Te Deum, the disposition of the staves is: Greg. chant SA; Greg. chant TB; Choir SATB, Organ.
So, in the first verse there were no problems, but the second verse begins with a gregorian chant melody over a few bars. How can I "slip" out of the full score and write only this melody and later on get to the full score? Otherwise, it needs 3 pages for this melody only.




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Added a note in voice 2 of every staff thatch should not get hidden, made it invisible ('v'), switch off playback (Inspector), and for bonus fixed it to the center line of the staff (Inspector too)

The latter won't work in 1.x, the 2 former should, but slightly different via right-click to the note, set invisible and set velocity to 0

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