Cautionary accidentals

• Apr 27, 2010 - 17:44

Version 0.9.7 doesn't seem to allow a note to be shown as sharp or flat if that is what the key signature dictates the note already is.
In version 0.9.5 it was possible to do this.
Obviously strictly speaking 0.9.7 is correct in its notation but it often is useful to remind players. Is it possible to force the sharp or flat to be shown somehow?


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And as I said previously it also works ok in the current stable version (v0.9.5).

So I guess it was just a bug that crept into the beta 2 (v0.9.6 r2811).

The only workarounds I know of are either to revert to 0.9.5 or to use one of the nightly builds (but of course that may have more serious problems).

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I switched back to 0.9.5 and got the cautionary accidentals to work :-)
0.9.5 did actually not display my 0.9.6 score right, so I had to go back to 0.9.6 and save the score as .xml then later import into 0.9.5 and it displayed fine.
But: MIDI input (from my keyboard) did not work anymore - so switched back forward to 0.9.6 (where the cautionary accidentals were gone again) - and are waiting patiently for a little bug fix.
Thanks anyway.

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Xavier, I am afraid the workaround does not work in revision 2811.
If I select the note and double click the accidental at the top - what happens is: After the first of the two clicks the note is deselected so the second click has no effect :-(

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I just downloaded 3013 and tried it.

No joy.

To be sure I'm clear, there are 3 B's in the bar:
1st = Bb
2nd = B natural
3rd should = Bb but it does not work for me. I'm on XP. Could that be the problem?


I just tried altering the 2nd B in the bar. When I moved it, the 3rd B appeared as a B natural, although I had made sure to raise and lower it to Bb. I moved #3 to Bb now and then move #2 to B natural. The accidental appeared as needed.



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thanks Xavier,

I opened your file and it correctly shows only the first natural in bar 2 (I also checked correct playback).
1.) I can’t replicate your method. If I lower the first f-natural in my score, it turns into e, if I then raise it again it turns into f-natural. The exact same happens with note 3 and 4 - so no luck.
2.) And now the real magic: If, in your fixed version, I try to add a cautionary # in _bar three_ in front of the f-sharp, suddenly the f-naturals appear _in the second bar_, first in front of the third note, then (at the next try) in front of the last note of that bar.
So there is a somehow backwards influence of the input...

- this all on Mac version 0.9.6 rev 2811 -

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thank you for answering.
These *.png (Portable Network Graphics ) are just screenshots I made-nothing to edit.

My wish would be for bar 2 to look as in this screenshot (i.e. one natural in front of the first f - which should of course be valid for the following notes in that bar, too).

In bar 3 I do wish a (cautionary) # sharp in front of the f-sharp (otherwise one might play an f-natural by mistake). That is my real problem - getting this cautionary # in bar 3 last note.

- As you can see in my score version, in bar two we have the correct f-natural, but the two following notes play back as f-sharps.

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I played the piece. The F naturals in the upper staff WERE inaccurate. I fixed them using the method I described previously.
I then added the cautionary accidental in the lower staff by selecting the note and SINGLE clicking the sharp sign on the toolbar. I then dragged the parentheses from the accidental palette.

XP - r3003.


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I think we have located the problem: it must be the different versions we use.
The bug is definitively present in my Version 2811!
I can not add a # in the third bar and consequently no parentheses - it just does not work.
At the same time - trying to fix bar three - in bar 2 these two unnecessary naturals appear in front of the two last f-s again.
I will just have to wait until a newer version for Mac OSX will come out.

Just out of curiosity: could you send me your last version - with # but without parentheses in bar 3- again?

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