Line thickness in MS 2.0

• Apr 21, 2015 - 13:33

Hi to all,

is it possible to set the line thickness in MS 2.0 as in MS 1.3? I am not able to do it, and IMHO this feature is very useful...

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Thickness of which lines? There are many types of lines, and they can pretty much all have their thickness set, but the process depends on line type. For most, you can can set the defaults in Style / General. That includes hairpins, ottavas, even the staff lines, barlines, and note stems. For most score elements, you can override the Style defaults using the Inspector.

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Sorry, you are right, I try to better explain my question.

Often, it is useful the possibility to write lines of different thickness (at least two) under a staff, for example when writing a tablature for accordion. The thickness specifies the opening/closing direction of the bellow for each note of the score.

I would like to modificate the thickness of the simple horizontal line obtained from the Palettes-Lines menu window.

In the previous version of MS, first I wrote the thinner lines, after I changed the thickness and I wrote the wider lines under the remaining notes.
Unfortunately, I am not able to do this in MS 2.0.
Does it exists another way to do this?

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