One of my compositions.

• May 10, 2010 - 10:53

I'm sort of newish to Musescore but I'm not new to music. I've been playing piano for 3 years and I am in Grade 4 (I skipped Grade 1). According to my friends at school I'm screwed because I like classical music but I don't know how anyone can like rock music (no offense).
I've been composing for a number of years so this is not my first piece I've written but it would never exist without Musescore. I used to use finale notepad 2007 and I find Musescore way better because you can add multiple voices, I can write a multi-movement piece all in the one document just to name a few.
Back to the composition! I like to self-criticize myself a lot because I listen to the masters and I think, Jeez their good, so feel free to comment. I know I can improve!
Just 1 thing, should I put my real name or a pen name?

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I like it. I wouldn't change a thing. I would put your your real name so people would know who you are. But on the other hand people might start stalking you. Like LOL. anyways Good Job./\/\M/\/\

Jun 3, 2011 - 02:04

I am 14 and I am the only fan of classical in my school district. Some girl wanted to B-Slap me because of this. I truly don't care.

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This is pretty crazy that these conversations are still preserved. These are not the ineluctable wisdom of the inventors of the internet, but what people who are adults today posted when they were in junior high school. The internet has no means to expire this information. It's sad.

I am 12 (although 13 in 1 day!), and I completely share the sentiment.
I like to self criticize too, although usually when listening to stuff like this!
Well done on a wonderful piece. I'm studying for Grade 6 piano and I'm going to print this off and play it.
What language is the title in? It sounds a little like Welsh, which I can understand and speak a little. Actually, I think I might title my pieces in Welsh from now on. Thanks for the idea!

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I think the title is German, I just got the title from a music dictionary that I was flicking through. I'm quite surprised that someone is going to play one of my songs. I guess it is one step closer to being famous!!!
PS Don't forget to give me credit if you are going to perform!!! ;)

Your title is definitely German and means night or evening song. It's a lovely title and I look forward to opening and listening to your work. I would make the accompaniment in the right hand (stems down) a little softer than the melody, but on the whole I enjoy the piece very much. I think you should definitely sign your own name unless your school has something against this, which I doubt. I would avoid releasing any further information due to your age, and make sure your parents know that you are posting this in case someone contacts you. Let them know when you are contacted as well, including mine. I am a teacher in the El Paso area and if you don't mind, I will show your work to one of my students who comes in to play piano during lunch. He is always looking for new pieces to play and I think he might like playing one by someone closer to his own age. Thank you very much for sharing your work with us. I hope to hear more.

Very nice. What I think would be most fun to play with is to add another instrument part and play with adding counterpoint and harmony.

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