Notename notehead plugin added

• Apr 22, 2015 - 17:47

I've added a plugin for v. 2.0 to the repository that adds noteheads with alphabetic or solfege notenames to a score. It uses Staff Text, and so there is some user tweaking required (mainly setting the Staff Text style to font:Bravura and size:19). I welcome any feedback. Thanks!

Update - plugin now handles Staff Text style changes - not required for user.
Reloaded the zip file - plugin now has improved instruction dialog, and white background for notes off-staff to allow ledger lines to remain visible.

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StaffText elements understand some html. Here's a sample to set font size and face:

<font size="14"/><font face="mikachan"/>Text

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I've tried setting fonts in the plugin code in various ways. When I try this, I get "cannot parse html property size='19'" and "cannot parse html property face='bravura'" in the debug console. When I try using the QML/Qt fonts, I don't get any errors in the debugger, but the StaffText style in MuseScore always overrides the plugin code.

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Thanks, i figured it out. I was inserting a + sign between the font tags and the text variable. Just a syntax mistake (although I was also able to get it to work by separating into to separate lines, one for size, one for face, using the + sign - weird).

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