Musescore repeatedly hangs at the same step.

• May 13, 2010 - 09:14


i just started using this, and comparing with various other programs out there, it seems to work nicely.

On my first score, now, version 9.5 (ubuntu 8.04) always hangs when i try to add the next note, goes for a few minutes into 100% CPU usage (good thing i have two cpus ... :-) and then closes the score.

Score is attached, in case anybody wants to try and reproduce this ...

Reproduce by adding a 1/8 C as last note.

Oh ... when I then try and re-open, the first time round i only get the splash screen. I force quit, re-open a second time and then, at least it starts, but will get stuck, again, at the same point.



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Django.mscz 2.33 KB


I could rescued the score by exporting as music xml and re-importing. And then saw there was a left over 8a sitting in there. That must have messed it up.

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