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• Apr 26, 2015 - 04:30

Would it be possible to replace the standard MuseScore icon with a special nightly icon (maybe involving cymbals, like the splash screen)? It would be nice if the icons for 2.0 and the nightly builds could be distinguished visually when they appear on the taskbar.


You can do this. Go to the Directory for your nightly. Right click on the nightly.exe. in the bin Directory. Select Send To and click on Desktop (create shortcut). On the desktop icon, right click and select Pin to Start Menu or Pin to Taskbar. The icon will be the one designed for nightlys. Of course this will only work for that nightly. If you download a newer one the process would need to be repeated.

I'm rather shocked that this isn't already the case. The nightly builds for Mac OS X do have a special icon that involves cymbals:
The same should be true for the builds for Windows. This could easily be a problem for people.

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Not for me. If I start by clicking nightly.exe, I get the same icon on the taskbar that I get with 2.0, the "mu" ligature with a fermata over the u. If I then right-click on the icon and select "Pin this program to the taskbar", it changes to a cymbal, but if I then unpin it again, it changes back to "mu+fermata".

Maybe this is related to the particular Windows version you're running. I'm on 8.1.

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I must have forgotten to close the nightly. I see what you mean. It seams the nightly has to be integrated with 2.0 in a number of ways. If the nightly opened on its own your Scores, Templates etc. would be missing. I see why it works that way. One thing I did notice that might be changed if possible is Info under file. Maybe it's possible to have the nightly information in those fields.

Anyway it seams my original way is it for now unless someone else comes up with something.

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