"Formating", "volta"

• Nov 24, 2008 - 08:07

Just small points re. the docmentation:

I am pretty sure that it's "Formatting", not "Formating" (50 million hits in Google vs. 1.5 million! :)

Also with the "volta", I wonder if you shouldn't put in brackets "(1st and 2nd time endings)". I'm not so sure that the "volta" term is so well known these days in terms of music terminology.


I wanted to enlarge my Lyrics font size, and went into Edit-Preferences-General tab (after fruitless attemps at doing it in Text Style). I was near the bottom of that tab and reset some figure there, and next thing you know all the application settings were 5 times the normal size. So big in fact that now when I go to the Preferences - General Tab, the screen is so big it doesn't show the bottom part of that tab and it won't allow me to scroll down and undo what I did.
Is there no way to restore the default settings? In frustration I ended up uninstalling MuseScore and redownloading it, but when I ran what I thought was an updated, fresh copy, it gave me the same application as I had with the same overly enlarged font settings.
Is there a workaround or a way for me to correct my error?

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