MuseScore 2 - Music Top Margin does not seem to be functionning

• Apr 27, 2015 - 14:20


I've seen only old threads (pre 2.0) about this. The Style -> General -> Page -> Music Top Margin doesn't seem to work in MuseScore 2. I could do what I wanted (lowering the music) by increasing the Bottom Gap of the title frame, but that would not work if I had a score spanning multiple pages.

This is on Mac OSX Yosemite / MuseScore 2.0.0 Rev. 6e47f74.


It does work; it has just been changed to only actually affect the distance between the music and the top margin of the page rather than also affecting distance between the music and a vertical frame. There is a separate setting, vertical frame lower margin, that affects the distance between music and a vertical frame. In 1.3, both settings were applied together, making it impossible to get independent control of these two distances. This is fixed in 2.0

I have had a consistent problem with top margins when printing from MuseScore. When I print (to a configured printer, from MuseScore) on two sides (at least), the top margin on every even page is reduced to zero (so I can't even see measure numbers). When I print to a PDF and then print the PDF, there is no longer a problem.

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