Instrument Sounds

• May 16, 2010 - 09:31

Hello. I just downloaded this program after using a paid one at school which I don't have myself. I don't have the money for the paid one, but on it, you can go to Mixer and change the sound of the instruments. On here, I went to mixer, but the only sound available is bright piano. Is there an add-on program or something like that that can allow me to hear the sounds of other instruments, such as oboes, English horns, clarinets, and other beautiful instruments? I appreciate any help I can get.


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MuseScore 0.9.5 only comes with one instrument sound. You can obtain more instrument sounds by follow the instructions in the handbook (which Lasconic linked to above). Alternatively you can download and install an early preview of the next version of MuseScore which already includes all the instrument sounds. (See Prerelease )

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