Playback Options

• Nov 24, 2008 - 20:08

I know there is improvement being done on playback of songs, but just checking. First, can there be a swing playback option, for example in a jazz piece it sounds wrong to my ears when not swung. Also, I don't understand why/if there are some automatically added effects to the sounds of the instruments when I play it, like the piano may not sound exactly like the soundfont that I put in, like it sounds extremely damp. Will there be any control over this in the future? Lastly, I know a lot of notation software doesn't support this, but what if we had human playback? So crescendos, diminuendos and non-perfect playing instruments sounded more realistic? It would sound awesome.


At some point I'd like to implement dynamics realization, note velocities (something like higher velocities on the beats within a measure), "humanized" playing rhythm (e.g randomize the timings a bit), ornament realization (trills, mordents, etc). And we can make it as good as we wish to put effort into it.

I'd also like to see some sort of integration with Linuxsampler if possible. It's already possible via MIDI, but if we can make it integrated, then it will be easier for the user. This would enable high-quality playback with GIG samples. Currently we embed fluidsynth, since it is relatively small and simple. And if at some point someone comes out with a free-licensed sample pack (the project OpenOrchestra seems to have this goal, but I haven't seen much activity from them), we could point users to it on the Download page, and it could at least come close to something like Garritan Personal Orchestra in terms of quality.

Then we can offer a "Save as Audio" function to quickly and easily save e.g a WAV or OGG file if the user is using the integrated synthesizer. And if we can make the playback engine really good, it should be relatively simple to get an audio file with a decent-sounding rendition of the score with little effort.

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