Revision diffs for translation

• Nov 25, 2008 - 00:27

I noticed that the handbook page "SoundFont" had changed (a black flag). In order to check what was new, I went to the English version and, on the revisions tab, I asked to see the diff. The only thing I can see is the text "No visible changes". It's the same no matter what revision you choose. (the question is not "what's changed?" but "does this feature really work?" - if it doesn't it can be a pain in the ass trying to keep the translations up to date).


Hi Xosé,

You just bumped into a flaw which I couldn't solve yet. I'll try to explain.
In order to reduce translating 'work', the translated handbook pages are synchronized for their attached attachments. Those attachments are mostly screen shots.
Now, when one page in a certain language is edited & updated, it will trigger a new revision for the 'other' translated pages as well because it will synchronize the attachments.

I'm investigation whether I can make sure the syncing is not happening when n attachments are being changed.
For the time being, keep in mind that when there is no diff, that is comes from another edited translation.

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