MAudio MIDI controllers and MuseScore ...

• May 21, 2010 - 05:36

I am investigating the purchase of an M-Audio Axiom or Axiom Pro MIDI controller for use with my computer and a variety of music software.

Has anyone attempted to use some of the custom mapping functions of the M-Audio Axiom or Axiom Pro controllers, via the Enigma programming interface, to control some of MuseScore's often needed note entry functions?

In particular, I'd like to map the note duration selection buttons, note entry mode and some of the more common keyboard functions to buttons on the Axiom controller. In effect, set up a 'mouse/keyboard free' note entry mode using the buttons and controls on the Axiom controller. Also, set up the transport controls in the controller to map to the transport buttons in MuseScore.

More generally, has anyone every done something similar with ANY commercially available MIDI controller?




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