How do I copy pieces of some scores into one score

• May 1, 2015 - 00:14

I want to attach approximately the ending half of
one score to the end of another score as the first task.
Then fix it up.
How do I do this?


1] Create several new measures in the score (hold down [Ctrl]b for a few seconds)
2] Copy from one score (select and then [Ctrl]c)
3] Paste into other score (click on empty measure after the music and then [Ctrl]v)

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Yes that's the ordinary way to copy and paste on a single score and it works.
But the stuff I copied gets lost when I exit one score and enter the other.
Is there a way to have two scores open at once?
Or is my windows 7 computer messed up?

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To facilitate copy/paste...
You can view two scores at the same time by using the Menu item: View, and check the box 'Documents Side by Side'. (Of course, you must have the two scores already opened in separate tabs within MuseScore.)

Doing so will allow you to see simultaneously:
a) the score from where you copy, and
b) the place into which you paste.


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