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• Nov 28, 2008 - 21:23

Could someone check the following to see if it's just me or a bug/problem?
If I go into my computers Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management (this is a little used section of my computer- it is the part where you partition drives etc), as soon as I double click Computer Management - instead of going into it the computer opens up MuseScore - but not correctly as usual - it seems to be OK but has a blank score not the sample which never happens when I ues MuseScore.
I'm using Ver.9.3 on Windows Vista Business.


Hi again,
Was just seeing what else might be shortcutted to MuseScore and there are all sorts of things in this same Menu that go to MuseScore such as "Local Security Policy" and "Print Management".

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Went in to change the shortcuts back to what they should point to and in, for example, "Local Security Policy" in (right click) Properties/General tab, the "Opens With" is listed as "MuseScore", when select "Change" the "Rcommended Programs" show "MuseScore" as selected with "Microsoft management Console" as the other option. Changing back to "MS Management Console" changed ALL the odd shortcut associations back to the correct one, not just the one I was actually changing.
Again, not sure if this is just my computer or something to do with the file associtions written into the MuseScore program. Might be worth checking though.

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Checked more stuff in properties of various things - it appears microsoft have used "msc" as a file extension already - certainly with Vista - "%SystemRoot%\system32\services.msc" - I copy and pasted this straight off the properties screen for "Services" under "Administrative Tools ". There are other ones also under the Admin. Tools section of Vista. (??? msc = Micro Soft Console ???).

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Just read the manual on file types - obviously you already new about the windows conflict.
BUT - it would still be a good idea if when installing on windows that it didn't change the Console file associations automatically as it seems to have done to me.
PERHAPS on MS Windows it would be better to NOT have the .msc option at all anywhere in the program - then there cannot be any conflicts.
PS: "Why didn't you read that first" I hear you all saying . OK, I probably should have read that first but I generally don't read the manual to much at this stage 'cause it's a bit incomplete so I generally just stuff around with the program 'till I blow it up or it works : )

In version 0.9.2 the .msc file extension was the default. In 0.9.3 the .mscz file extension became the new default file extension although the .msc file is still recognized and available for the purposes of backward compatibility.

However there are still issues as you encountered first hand.

As a point of correction, the MuseScore installer does not set the file associations for .msc files automatically. However you can set the file associations via "Open With" in Windows. Setting the file association manually causes conflicts with the Microsoft Management Console which shares the same file extension ".msc"

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Hi David,
Thanks for your reply. I sort of figured it all out as I went along, including the back compatibility issue.
I don't know why the MS console tried to default to MuseScore - I certainly didn't change things manually - maybe it was just first in the list of extensions. ( I don't really care now that I know about the .msc issues.)
By the way, I just dowloaded r1333, installed it, and the first thing I checked was the MS console - which worked fine - so I deleted 9.3 and re-installed just for something to do - and the MS console went back to opening MuseScore again. Might be something perculiar to my computer.
Would it be sensible to alter the manual to point this compatibility issue out a bit clearer for MS users - maybe recommend to not save to .msc. at all to save potential problems from occuring ?????

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