enlareg or shrink a bar

• Jun 7, 2010 - 08:48

I've look into the handbook but I did'nt find any instructions for reducing or enlarging bar ...
how can I do it?
I'm Mac user


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There are also short-cut key strokes which make it a lot easier. I had problems with this feature but was able to resolve them and now I use } for more stretch and { for less.


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I am having trouble with this too - there seem to be pre-set amounts how much I can enlarge (or shrink) by. My bars are currently too small, but if I tell it to 'add more stretch', it becomes too large. I want it somewhere in the middle! How do I do this?

Actually, I now accidently hit 'reset stretch' and now it's just not enlarging or shrinking at all! Just nothing happens. Help!

Yes I found the same as another poster here..the standard shortcut didn't work...so I used "alt+{" for shrink and "alt+}" for expand...very useful. I also found it much more intuitive to re-specify the note length shortcuts to musical values (i.e. 4 for 1/4 notes 3,2 (consecutive key strokes) for 32nd notes etc...I think this should be the default.

I must say that to start with I found the whole program counter intuitive in many ways, but as I have stuck with it, I am finding it gradually much easier, and can see that it's pretty capable if you persevere.

An example of what I mean by counter intuitive...that blue box that you get when you select an area...I expected to be able to grab the edge of it and just drag it ....I think more features like that would make it a much quicker learning curve...although keyboard shortcuts are great once you get to know a program.

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Your insights are probably important - not everyone finds and/or describes the same "conveniences".

I would think this may belong in the "Feature request area".

I really like the program, and, like you, have found that the more I use it, the easier it becomes. It's a great effort, has come so far, still has to ...............?


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Yes good idea...I was thinking about a few things to put in the features request area...so I'll have to do that, just as soon as I have finished transposing this score I'm working on!
thanks for the response

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