creating multiple "odd accidantals" (double flats, double sharps, Fb' s, B#'s) in a row

• Jun 7, 2010 - 13:17

I am writing an arrangement in Musescore now, and I encounter an annoying bug: There is no way to have multiple F flats in a row (withinh one bar) without the accidental showing before every note.
I'm using R.3128. Steps to reproduce the problem:

1 enter F, add a flat with the flat button
2a enter another F, add flat -> both notes get a flat
2b enter another F and push down arrow -> an E appears instead of Fb

Selecting both F's and clicking the flat button gives the same result as 2a.

Help is appreciated!


Enter 3 F. select the last one press the flat button, select the 2nd press the flat button, select the 1st one, press the flat button.
I agree it's suboptimal...

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Just found this in a search after encountering the same thing - thanks for the workaround! Looks like there's still no better way? The recent (and presumably common) request to have an option whereby newly entered notes in a measure would inherit any current accidental previously applied to that note in that measure would take care of this problem too. I realize 1.0 is imminent, but assuming the next major release is still far enough off that there might be a 1.1 release in the interim to fix more bugs and maybe add a couple of small features, this would probably be my #1 request.

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