plugin inegal teperaments

• Jun 10, 2010 - 07:46

I have some difficult to adapt the plugin I have made for inequal temperament to the new version 0.9.6 It was good for the 0.9.5. This plugin is very might and interessant fot everybody who play ancient music (médieval, renaissance, baroque). This plugin was an adaptation with a goog help from Lasconic.
Can you help me?
a zip is joigned

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The version was 0.9.6 beta, sorry. Now I have the finale 0.9.6, with another trouble :
with the official plugin for inéqual temperaments, it is no effect and the windows close subitly when I click on "Apply".

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What you call the "official plugin" for temperament is not official at all! I made it for 0.9.5 and somehow it found its way to the code repository (perhaps because it was one of the first 'third-party' plugins). The plugin framework changed a lot since then: this is why it does not work

I have to update it, but I waited until the framework reached some stability. I have two or three plugins waiting to be updated for the same reason.



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