Translating the manual into brazilian portuguese

• May 17, 2015 - 21:45

Hello, I would like to help translating the manual to portuguese.
Filipe Fonseca


I have an issue.

When I translated the title of "Getting started" part in the first page of handbook to "Começando", the "id" of the link received the same characters of the title, i.e., received "Começando". But it is not an acceptable word for a html id, because of character "ç". And in portuguese is very common word with á, à, é, ô, õ, etc. Other problem is that other links pointing to that part in the same page have to be changed as well. For example, in the "Basics" part there is a link to "Getting started" part, that moves the page to there. If I only translate the texts to portuguese, those links will not work, so I have to change those as well. For example:

The previous →"[Getting started](#Getting-started)" chapter
O capítulo anterior →"[Começando](#Começando)"

So, I wonder if I have to change those codes too in order for the page to work properly.

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