Matters relating to the copying function

• Nov 30, 2008 - 23:38

I appreciate the persistence of MuseScore users (and David Bolton in particular) in helping us poor composers with this marvelous program.
This comment is to raise four issues relating to the copy function (I'm using revision 1321):

1.The copy function appears to lose slurs.
2.The copy function appears to lose grace notes.
3.The copy function seems unable to recognize measures in actual time shorter than nominal time (such as upbeats and measures closing a section with an upbeat). In my experience, the copy function puts the shorter measures into the nominal time.
4. (and related to the preceding) The target score seems to impose its time on the copied measures. Thus copying measures in 4/4 and 6/8 time into into a 2/4 score leads to all measures being in 2/4.

Are my observations concerning these four matters correct? If so, my sense of them is that the first three are worthy of attention in the Muse Score.

John Siegmund


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