MusicXml - incorrect exporting of chord degree

• May 25, 2015 - 09:19

I am working on importing musicxml exported from MuseScore - notably the changes in the harmony node.

I wanted to check the possible values for the subnode and found this :

The plus-minus attribute is used to indicate if plus and minus symbols should be used instead of sharp and flat symbols to display the degree alteration; it is no by default.

[Link to documentation]

However, when I declare, for example, C7+4, the exported degree-alter node is this :
where it should be
<degree-alter plus-minus="yes">1</degree-alter>

Should a bug report be opened ?


Indeed, it's a feature request. As I've mentioend before, we are much more concerned with exporting the proper semantics than outputting all the information about the original syntax. There are probably a number of other such attributes we don't export. The data structures used to represent chord symbols in MuseScore won't make it easy to implement them, I suspect, but I'll take a look when I can.

But in case in it isn't clear - this isn't needed semantically. Just because the original chord was specified with "+" instead of "#" doesn't mean there is any advantage whatsoever in displaying that way in another app. In fact, I'd sday quite the contrary - it would be to your advantage to always display chord symbols the same way.

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