No Sound whatsoever on playback, missing play panel

• Dec 4, 2008 - 00:44

I'm running ver. 0.9.3 on Windows Vista.

I thoroughly enjoy this program and was using it fine when I first downloaded it last night, the sound was working and everything. Abruptly and with no discernible reason, audio will no longer playback, it's not my computer's sound, the play button will still depress, but it doesn't begin highlighting notes or any of the things normally accompanying playback. I have, since first having this problem, restarted my computer and even uninstalled and reinstalled the software. Additionally, when I click to display the Play Panel now, it appears nowhere to be found, which I suspect might be related to my general playback issues.


Hi PenquinEater,
A known bug with the sound playback issues with 9.3 version. If you want to stay with 9.3 have a look in the online handbook and it explains how to get it back again. This can be a bit painful as you have to go through the process each time you open a MuseScore file.
However, I've just downloaded today the r1344 revision (pre-release) and the playback and a heap of other bugs and new features have been sorted. Its great!
(Don't forget also that this program is not quite up to a stable release as yet - if you didn't know it's new and still under development - I say this 'cause you only just downloaded it and are probably not up to speed yet where it is at.)
Have fun with it and don't forget to report bugs (strange behaviour) if you find any. Have a look through the forum first though because a lot of 9.3 bugs have already been notified and fixes/workarounds explained.

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