Beam breaking - not as expected

• Dec 5, 2008 - 16:53

In a typical note entry scenario, I might enter 4 eighth notes which will, by default, get beamed together. In my particular case, I want to create 2 sets of 2 eighth notes each separately beamed, so I need to 'break' the beam in half.

What I expect to happen, but does not:

Using the beaming tools, I drag the 'Start Beam' tool and drop it on the 3rd note. I expect the beam to break at this point, but it does not.

What works, but seems counter intuitive:

Breaking the beam requires a two-step process: First, drag the 'Do Not Beam' tool on the 3rd note THEN drag the 'Start Beam' on the 3rd note.


Why is this a two step process? Shouldn't the first scenario work? Alternatively, why isn't there an 'End Beam' tool to instruct MuseScore to stop beaming at a particular note and resume beaming, if appropriate, on the next note? Am I not using the Beam tool correctly?

Thanks for your feedback. I started using MuseScore now that there is support for MIDI input. It has worked very well for me so far. My kudo's to the developers and community who support this project.


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