Could symbols for percussion be added to the F2 textpallet

• Jun 1, 2015 - 18:31

Perhaps this already has been at the attention of both users and creators but I could not find it on the forum so if this is already concidered my appologies.

I was searching for an easy and clear way to indicate to percussionists how to, for example, use soft mallets etc. I found a font contaning easy symbols for such a purpose. Could it be that symbols of a like wise construction be added to the MuseScore pallet for 'Insert special character' (F2) function while in 'add text to note' (ctrl T) function?

The example I found was:

But also halve way through this page examples can be found:…

This would verywell help to improve my composing for percussion and the reading of my scores.



I suspect there would be little agreement on which symbols made sense to include. But you can create your own custom palette containing whatever text or other symbols you like, as described in

BTW, many of these sort of symbols can be found in the Symbols palette - press "Z" to display. You can add to your score directly from there, or add them to a custom palette. You shoudln't need to install additional fonts, alth0ugh you are of course welcome to.

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