Bug when adding new "fake" barlines

• Jun 5, 2015 - 16:04

This seems to be a pretty drastic bug:

I have some tuplets in a score (quadruplets, in fact) which need to cross a barline (this seems to be the best way to notate what I want here - and certainly the easiest to read). The piece is in 4/4 at this point, and since Musescore doesn't allow tuplets to cross a "real" barline (not so great), I used the workaround described here: https://musescore.org/node/15448.

I created an invisible 8/4 bar, and split it in half with a "fake" barline by clicking on the 5th beat (rest or note, as applicable) in the top stave of each system. I then double-clicked on the normal barline in the barlines palette and dragged the barline downwards to cover each system. Fortunately, dragging this barline downwards also splits the quadruplets at the correct point - great!

After completing the above process, all the "fake" barlines initially show in the score and in each instrumental part which corresponds to the top stave in each system - which at first seems good. However, the same "fake" barline is missing in the rest of the parts in each system - not so good!

After saving and reopening the score, the "fake" barlines have all disappeared in both the score and parts, which of course is... really, really bad!

(Musescore 2.0.1 on Windows).

See the attached score and gif file (to see a visual walkthrough of the above process in order to help reproduce the issue...)

Attachment Size
Musescore barline bug.gif 1.51 MB
Tuplets across barline.mscz 35.53 KB


Confirmed. You shoudl file an official bug report to the issue tracker (help / report a bug).

BTW, instead of actually creating an 8/4 bar and then hiding the time signature, it is better to change the "actual" duration to 8/4 without needing a time signature - right click the measure, measure properties. Or, if you do this before generating parts (always a good idea to save part generation for the end anyhow), select the two measures you want joined in this way and use Edit / Measure / Join Measures. Either way, you don't have extra empty space at the beginning of the bar where the invisible time signature is.

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