Segfault when running plugin

• Jul 10, 2010 - 08:19

I'm experimenting with the plugin interface. But I get a segfault when running the attached plugin. Can anyone tell me why? I can't figure it out. (remove the _.txt at the end of filename)

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You need to duplicate the objects instead of using directly the ones from the old score. I'm putting together a working script. Attached is my current code.
Unfortunatly, it looks like the plugin framework does not let us write directly in a voice > 0

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Aha! Got it now. Thank you! I did think of duplicating the elements, but I didn't duplicate them enough :-p

One more question: I can't seem to find a function (or variable) to change (or set) the keysig and the timesig. Isn't this implemented yet or is it me who cannot find it? If it's not there then it's a feature request :-)

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