Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Comma as a shortcut won't get saved gfeuer 18 3 days ago
Issue Switching language doesn't also switch instruments and palettes translation Jojo-Schmitz 12 6 months ago
Forum topic Redesign of preferences window Soerboe 28 10 months ago
Issue Visible mixer with no score leads to instant crash on startup Soerboe 4 11 months ago
Issue Changing theme version require restart yuyichao_ 5 11 months ago
Issue Allow user to change color of playback cursor mike320 8 11 months ago
Issue Icons not refreshing on preferences change JoshuaBonn1 3 11 months ago
Issue Ability to change color of current note (or element) jim.newton.562 13 11 months ago
Issue Changing theme doesn't show the dialog about applying changes after restarting application Anatoly-os 3 11 months ago
Issue Changing UI theme in Preferences requires restart Isaac Weiss 6 11 months ago
Issue Changes in Preferences retained after cancelling Anonymous 2 1 year ago
Issue Theme UI animation yes/no Thomas 4 1 year ago
Issue Keys Home/End go to beginning/end of text frame instead of start/end of line polarcoordinate 12 1 year ago
Issue Adding lists of contributors in the About window Soerboe 16 1 year ago
Issue Changing default colour does not affect text shoogle 3 1 year ago
Issue Create an album when no score is shown causes a crash cadiz1 4 1 year ago
Forum topic Exposing enumerations to QML jeetee 7 1 year ago
Issue Add search field to template chooser in New Score Wizard Isaac Weiss 6 1 year ago
Issue UNDO doesn't work after hiding clef, when "Show invisible" is OFF geetar 1 1 year ago
Issue [trunk] Menu entry "add note" replaces pitch (regression) Soerboe 5 3 years ago
Issue [trunk] With some time signatures and irregular measures, properties of foll. measures are corrupted after saving and re-loading Miwarre 12 4 years ago
Issue Out of range note doesn't highlight when dragging element onto it chen lung 3 4 years ago
Book page Enkeltstemmer Soerboe 0 4 years ago
Issue Cannot redo grace note beam move chen lung 3 4 years ago
Issue Wavy glissando isn't seen between notes of short stave distance chen lung 3 4 years ago