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• Feb 8, 2018 - 12:09
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Many open source applications has, in the About window, a list of developers, main developer, project lead, designers, translators and other contributors. MuseScore has a copyright text stating copyright for "Werner Schweer and Others". I think MuseScore also should have a list of contributors to honor all the work each contributor has done to make MuseScore such a great application.


And also the option not to be mentioned?
IMO a diplomatic incident could arise. Who contributed and how much? I fear it would be easy to dissatisfy someone, forget someone else and so on.
How long would the list be? That of the developers a lot...

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While the idea of putting a long list of names in the about window is the most obvious thing to do, I believe we can do better and more effective. As each one of the contributors has an account on, we can list the contributors achievements on the profile page and link those achievements to pages where you see all other contributors. An example achievement: "Contributor to MuseScore 2.1". Finally, in the about window of MuseScore, we simply need to add a link to the page where all contributors are listed. It will be easy to add more contributors to the list in case we missed someone, or remove someone from the list when requested. What do you think?

A first step into identifying MuseScore contributors is in place now. Have a look at lasconic's profile page for instance: > check out the right sidebar

In order to expose your own contributions, follow these steps:
* go to
* click on the three dotted icon and select: Edit profile
* scroll down to the My contributions section and make your selection
* finally save the form

* As a user you are entirely in control of telling the world how you contributed. It's your own responsibility to be honest. So no vetting is done
* When considered useful, we can make links of the of the contributions, in order to be able to see all other users who were involved with a certain contribution. For instance: everyone who ever contributed to the MuseScore code. In the end, we can expose this link in the About section of the MuseScore software.

Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and comments.

As mentioned on IRC: the wording may need some tweaking, inconsistent use of past and present time, and I think it should read "helped organizing" rather then "helped organize", but here native speakers are needed to verify.
And as mentioned by @ericfontainejazz an "I submitted bug reports" might be useful too


I think shortening the descriptions could help though. If you look at the current (small) sidebar, I'd remove all the "I contributed" texts. You're looking at a contributions listing, so that's clear anyhow imo.

Wondering if it would be desirable to put for the plugins a (by default collapsed?) listing of which plugins you're the maintainer of.

Agreed, reg. the shortening, but I can live with the current length too.
As to the listing: might be a hyperlink, that then opens a list (on plugins, forum topics, github commits, etc)

How about adding "I donated money", which also is an important contribution?