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Forum topic Improving the Timeline JoshuaBonn1 18 5 days ago
Issue Double click on Mixer's and Play Panel's dial and sliders should reset them to their defaults Jojo-Schmitz 14 2 weeks ago
Issue If detach inspector palette after factory reset before inspector tour was initiated, then stuck in infinite loop ericfontainejazz 17 3 months ago
Issue "Dark" Theme for the Timeline cadiz1 3 4 months ago
Forum topic Double Dots & ToolBar jigbea4834 7 4 months ago
Issue Allow "Exclude from measure count" command for multiple measures at once Isaac Weiss 22 4 months ago
Issue Tour dialogs overlap with the highlighted area dmitrio95 12 5 months ago
Issue Excluding measure from measure count causes bad count; fixes on relayout JoshuaBonn1 12 8 months ago
Issue Zoom and page/continous view dropbox in File operations toolbar is not editable. hakonfl1974@gm… 3 9 months ago
Issue Regression - Ctrl+click outside the staff loses selection cadiz1 11 9 months ago
Issue Add menu of tours to view when desired geetar 4 9 months ago
Issue Reorganize workspace Marc Sabatella 5 10 months ago
Forum topic Modularizing MuseScore shoogle 10 10 months ago
Forum topic Glissandos don't work in Musescore Dogman15 9 10 months ago
Issue Transifex string corrections #1 Riaan van Niekerk 10 10 months ago
Forum topic Workspaces - Menu lines? neGjodsbol 2 11 months ago
Forum topic How should tours look? JoshuaBonn1 1 11 months ago
Forum topic [GSoC] Tour Creation Guide JoshuaBonn1 18 11 months ago
Issue Applying changed preferences restores default UI PhilTA 6 11 months ago
Issue Timeline: Percussion instruments are always grayed out Riaan van Niekerk 3 11 months ago
Issue "Help->Tours->Show Tours" box not unchecking when disabling tours JoshuaBonn1 2 11 months ago
Issue UI font is changing without notice Nicolas 10 11 months ago
Issue Changes to advanced style properties in tablature causes clef in Instruments to change chen lung 12 1 year ago
Issue Right-click menu on palette items seems dead. BSG 10 1 year ago
Issue Workspaces UI - apostrophes in Workspace names not working properly Startled Bee 2 1 year ago