Transifex string corrections #1

• Dec 30, 2018 - 14:27
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S4 - Minor

Numbers 1 to 3 below were issues logged by users in Transifex.
I have verified the issues and agree that the source string is incorrect and should be fixed
Number 4 to 9 I picked up while translating the Trours (there is a common mistake of putting comma before and when giving a list of items.

### 1
Full string
for eight note to divide it into two eighth notes

New phrase: for eighth note,
Reason: typo

### 2
Full string
While we are here, let's go ahead⏎
and add a role to the last symbol

New phrase: add a roll to the last cymbal
Reason: cymbal roll is a concept, symbol role not. The narrator is talking about percussion, which cymbal roll is related to.

### 3
Full string
Do you want to synchronize current instrument with an existing one?

New phrase: synchronize the current instrument
Reason: grammatically incorrect; "the" is missing,

### 4
Full string
We’ve already looked at ways to enter notes⏎
using the mouse, keyboard, and a midi keyboard

New phrase: mouse, keyboard and a MIDI keyboard
Reason: no comma before and when in a series of items
Reason: MIDI captitalized everywhere else including MuseScore in Minutes

### 5
Full string
This wizard will help you choose settings for MuseScore based on your locale,⏎
music level, and personal preferences.

New phrase: music level and personal preferences.
Reason: no comma before and when in a series of items

### 6
Full string
These are the toolbars.⏎
The main three are File Operations, Playback Controls, and Note Input.

New phrase: Playback Controls and Note Input.
Reason: no comma before and when in a series of items

### 7
Full string
MuseScore supports different types of selections: single, list, and range.⏎
Click "Next" to learn more.

New phrase: single, list and range.
Reason: no comma before and when in a series of items

### 8
Full string
The navigation keys on your keyboard such as PgUp, PgDn, Home, and End function as in other applications⏎
to move between pages.⏎
Keyboards that lack these keys often provide equivalents such as Fn+Up/Down/Left/Right.

New phrase: PgUp, PgDn, Home and End function
Reason: no comma before and when in a series of items

### 9
Full string
Begin by selecting one or more elements in your score, then use the check boxes, spin boxes, dropdown menus, and other controls to change values for the various properties.⏎
The set of properties available will differ according to the type of selected elements or elements.

New phrase: then use the check boxes, spin boxes, dropdown menus and other controls
Reason: no comma before and when in a series of items


that comma in a list before 'and' is an English thing, wrong in e.g. German, but AFAIK not in English

Capitalizing MIDI is the RightThing(tm) though ;-)

It is to me too, but I'm not a native speaker. IIRC it was Isaac Weiss who brought that up a while ago?
Not exactly sure though. It was in some handbook pages, quite a while ago

According to
In case of "Comma Before And in Lists", the comma is optional. The important thing is that the rule be applied consistently. I looked through Tours (where the majority originate) and saw that all lists with and had the comma.
(I did not look at MuseScore in Minutes since there are too many individual resource files to download)

Based on this, I am not going to insist on what amounts to a personal preference, since what I was taught does not seem correct.

I will add this to the style guide I am working on.

Jojo, please action
* #1, #2, and #3
* the midi of #4
and ignore the rest

Done already in the en_US translations of the "MuseScore in Minutes" captions. Can't change the originals though, I think only Thomas can do those?

I almost always use the “oxford comma” or “serial comma” or “series comma.” Make sure to understand the reasons behind it since it is not 100% optional. (Ignore all the news articles on the way. Stick to Purdue or Wikipedia)

I was on my phone when leaving that comment :) As for purdue, that was back in 2012 and I can't remember what my teacher linked to. The wikipedia article seems good to me. As long as the you understand the basics, I'm sure there are simpler articles on it than wikipedia.

Status active fixed
Fix version 3.0.1

I believe these have all been fixed meanwhile, at least as far as the MuseScore (re-)sources are concerned

Fix version