Concert Pitch options

• Jun 22, 2015 - 20:00

In discussing my fix to an issue with paste of chord symbols to a staff for a transposing issue, it was pointed out that there could easily be situations where you *want* the chords to transpose, as well as cases where you *don't*.

It occurs to me we could really use a handful of options to affect the behavior of transposition via Concert Pitch - similar to the options we already have in the actual transposition dialog. Namely, options to control whether chord symbols are transposed (which would take care of the concern here), to control use of double sharps / flats (since different people will have different preferences), and maybe most importantly, to control simplication of key signatures (whether E major for alto saxophone turns into Db or C#).

An open question is whether some or all of these settings are more likely to need to be per-staff or whether general style options would suffice. I tend to think these are personal preferences one is likely to adhere to score-wide, but maybe not. I suppose it could be a style setting with a per-staff override.


Very glad you mention this. I agree that all these things would be extremely useful. I'd like to add two other related issues that are important to me and would very much like to see a means to deal with them:

1. Since most of my scores are in the Jazz genre, I usually prefer to score in concert pitch and spell accidentals according to my own harmonic analysis in the score, but prioritize readability by minimizing accidentals in the individual instrument parts (whether or not they transpose, in fact). I notice at the moment this seems all but impossible to do in Musescore at present. If I make a change for readability in a part, then my chosen enharmonic spellings are altered in the score also, and vice versa.

2. Also, in the current stable version (2.0.1) If, for example, I'm using a chord outside the key, let's say a B7 chord in the key of C minor (with 3 flats in the key sig), I'll want to see D sharps at that point (rather than E flats) in the score, but I currently can't even seem to force those to appear at all!

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