playing mixed/mastered audio as background

• Dec 18, 2008 - 15:48

Hi team,

is it possible to do this currently or in future? It could be useful to bring the drums, chords, backgrounds etc. as mp3 or audio or some format from a groove or loop software such as ACID, and provide the track for practicing young musicians a better environ, while they play their pieces watching the notes highlighted on screen.
I think, kids will really like it, compared to playing their parts alone. what say?



I would try to take this even further.
It should be possible to add an audio-file to your score, that can be played back in different speed without changing pitch (much like Transcribe!), but with your transcribed version right below it and all in one application.
You would have to detect the tempo (which might even change over time in recorded music), to some extent this could work automatically but an easy interface for doing it manually would also do (such as selecting barlines in the audio and dragging them to the corresponding barline in your transcribed version). This could also be extended to video, much like the film score writing tools in sibelius 5.
Of course this would be a huge set of features that would be best implemented as a plugin, so users who dont need them are not confused by the amount of features they dont use.
And of course these are proposals for the far future, maybe even for a separate project that would just be implemented in MuseScore; but its never too early to think about it.

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