adding a huge amount of fingering

• Jul 3, 2015 - 04:08

modes1.pdf this pdf is the beginning of my three octave modes starting on g on the guitar; there are two alternative sets of fingerings lower and upper. I know how to add these on sibeius 2; first one does lower fingerings (usually easiest to start from bottom up), one selects the first note goes down a long menu to fingerings then type the first one 1 then space bar then 2 and so on until the end of the page, then mouse each one and alt arrow to get the number beneath the clef; then add the top fingering select the first note go down the menu to fingerings then 2 space bar 3 space bar until the end of the page, then just alter the numbers which get stuck behind the high c and that it it. No idea of the best way to do this in musescore, dragging from the palette will take ages.


If you do not mind having the fingering in straight lines above and below the staff then enter them as two rows of lyrics. Then goto Style> Text> Lyrics Even Lines and set the value for Vertical to -6 or whatever works best for you.

Dragging is rarely the most efficient way to do anything in MsueScore. For example, fingerings and most palette items can be added via double click (select the note or notes you wish to apply to, then double click the appropriate palette icon).

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