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• Aug 18, 2010 - 05:43

I am having difficulty understanding what is or is not affected by the Load Style menu option.

I have over 100 scores which I would like to make consistent by applying a uniform set of styles, in particular, text sizes and fonts for various elements.

It is my expectation that if I load a style, that the styles contained in the style sheet would be applied to the score. It seems that SOME styles are applied, while others are not.

Can someone explain more clearly how the Load Style option is intended to work and be used? I have searched the handbook, but not found an explanation for this command.



EulerOperator, I'm wondering if you ever got any guidance on this subject? I'm a new user, and am in exactly the situation you describe here, trying to harmonize several scores and confused about what loaded styles are supposed to affect. I'm using MuseScore 1.0 for Mac.

Thank you!

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Overall, what I find in 1.0 is that most General styles do affect existing elements; most Text styles do not. But there are exceptions in both cases. For instance, the measure number text styles does affect an existing score, at least on reload, because measure numbers seem to be generated on the fly. And changes to articulation anchor points do not affect existing articulations.

To harmonize the styles of existing text elements, you can try using text properties, but that doesn't always work (some text types respond, others do not, or respond incorrectly). And if you've got a lot of different types of elements, it will be a pretty slow process in any case. You might actually be better off saving your scores as mscx files (as opposed to mscz) and then editing them by hand.

The good news is, the next major release (as reflected in the nightly builds) looks like it has some huge improvements in text styling. That's one of the single biggest things I'm looking forward to.

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