Create custom palette - mouse middle button not responding

• Aug 21, 2010 - 09:22


I'm trying to figure out how to create a custom palette. I try to follow these instructions given by Werner

"For this first create a new palette using the palette context menu which can be seen after pressing a palette button for more than 1 sec. After making the palette editable, you can drag elements from the score using the middle mouse button to the palette. Select a note and create an staff text (Create->Text->Staff Text). Then drag this staff text to your new palette."

I'm using a vanilla xp setup with a plain 2-button Logitech usb wheel mouse (no special drivers, just xp plug-and-play). I can get middle button response in other programs by pressing the wheel, but in MuseScore, when I "wheel-click" and drag the staff text, nothing happens.

Any idea how to solve this?

I guess that it's perfectly possible to add the symbols by creating and editing a proper mscore-palette.xml. Is there any documentation or discussion thread pointing out how to create a custom mscore-palette.xml, and what options there are?

Regards / Jonas


On windows you don't need to use the middle button. Click on a palette and hold you left click for a second or two. The menu will appear. In my opinion, custom palettes are one of the less tested feature in MuseScore. Just for you to know ;)

I'm wondering if there has been any fix made for this yet... I'd love to be able to edit the palettes, but cannot do it because my mouse doesn't have a third middle button that I can configure this way. Is there another way to drag an item to a custom palette? THANKS!

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