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• Aug 24, 2010 - 20:10

I've noticed that at least three sounds from default MuseScore soundfonts (TimGM6mb) are out of tune. Please try any score with one of these sounds: accordion, harmonica and bandoneon. You can use attached file: tuning-test.
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I just would like to stress the point mentioned by perotinus. It really sounds terribly out of tune!
I absolutely prefer GeneralUser GS MuseScore v1.44 by Christian Collins.


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Yes, I tried Fluid R6. However, I found Christian Collins' GeneralUser GS MuseScore v1.44.sf2 of at least the same sound quality (in my ears) and I had no problems with it like the double bass not going above MIDI #57 (which I had with Fluid R6).

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Fluid (it's R3, not R6, unless I'm missing an update) is actually *much* better overall than GeneralUser. Might be a couple of instruments here and there where GeneralUser is as good or perhaps slightly better, but across the board, Fluid really is much more realistic. As should be expected since it is so much bigger. However, if you need to have double basses play extraordinarily high, then maybe not a good option. I assume you are aware that this is pretty much the practical upper limit of the instrument for most players. But of course, it is physically possible to go higher, and there are occasions when that could be called for. So it would indeed be nice if there were samples.

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Actually Marc the quality of a lot of the samples in the Fluid soundfont are terrible.

You don't actually notice until you start opening the soundfont in something like Viena and start playing the raw samples.

Once you do you notice a lot of noise in the parts of the samples which are supposed to be silent - ie at the beginnings and ends of the samples.

IMO just because it is bigger it is not better, and many of the instruments sound terrible on my system.

Maybe my opinion is a little biased because of what I found when I opened up the soundfont.

I did of course mean R3 - I must have hit the number above on the keypad :)

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