Some automated note aligning support

• Aug 26, 2010 - 19:04


I have two feature requests

1)Some note aligning support.

I need to place insame measure dotted half note chord which consist of E G B but also second voice begins with E then second voice eight note covers first voice E.

I added example from original sheet music from book and Musescore file how it looks wrong in Musescore. I had tried to move notes but without success.


2)Multi measure beams.

Multo measure beams are actually possible bu if multi measure beam is in last measure in stave and end in first measure in next stave Musescore renders it wrong. I added also example from original sheet music and musescore example how Musescore renders it.

(Test 2.mscz)

Sorry about my bad English.

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1) Double click on the second voice note to enter edit-mode. Then move note heads to the right with the cursor keys.
2) is on my todo list for the next major release.
You may get playback problems because of overlapping notes in first and second voice (a note property "do not play this note" is missing).

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I tryed to move notes with cursor keys it works but my musescore colesd unexpectedly and gave segnentation fault and don´t open anymore I try to restart my computer maybe then it work again.

Musescore version: revsion: 3400
Qt version: 4.6.3
OS: ArchLinux x86_64

Musescore installed from AUR

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