• Aug 29, 2010 - 06:48

It seems like it would be fairly simple to add a scrollbar... I'm using a laptop so I don't know off the top of my head if MuseScore supports mouse wheels for scrolling, but it's a pain on a laptop to have to hit 'n' drag numerous times to check back at the top of the song, drag all the way back down (or try and hit the right place on the view screen near the bottom), and hit 'n' again to be able to put in notes.

If there's an easier way on laptops, please let me know. It's probably a moron error.
(My laptop uses a trackpoint by the way)


Not sure what a tackpoint is up to, but you should be able to scroll down/up with it right ? you can also scroll left right by using the shift key. You can also use Display -> Document side by side or Document stacked to be able to see the beginning of your piece while working on the end.

I guess that the missing scrollbars are a choice to save some real estate, espcially for small laptop/notepad screens.

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Trackpoint is a little joystick sort of thing in the middle of the keyboard. I have 3 mouse buttons with it, left, right, middle. Generally the middle is for scrolling, but it doesn't work for MuseScore. I can understand if it's a hardware issue though. I'll try reconfiguring the trackpoint to it later. I generally use Pg Up and Pg Dn to switch between pages, shift doesn't work.

Thanks for all your quick feedback!

I'll see if I can do something with the trackpoint. It was popular on Lenovo laptops for a while, but I don't think many people use it now, so it really doesn't matter too, too much if it's difficult to get working properly.

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