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• Aug 30, 2010 - 22:13

I have a query concerning an apparent bug. Every so often, during the middle of composition, certain anomalies would suddenly occur. For instance, the rests in empty bars would change to, in common time, for example, having a single crotchet beat in a bar, or else seven quavers in a bar, or something of the sort. Sometimes this would happen not only to empty bars, but to bars previously filled with normal notation. A single bar might spread over a single page and barlines would shift, changing a 13-page score into a 33-page score. These abnormalities were quite often irrevocable, and I would sometimes lose hours of work without warning. As a result I was forced to create several backups.
Here is an example to more clearly illustrate my point:

I am not sure whether anyone else has been experiencing these problems, but I would be most grateful for any help. I am using version of MuseScore, and Windows Vista is my operating system. I am not quite sure when this occurs, but I know my score had thirteen instrument tracks. I still have the score, and everything sounds normal when played except for the percussion and brass section, whose rhythm (as I described previously) does not fit the metre. It has changed from a simple crotchet-triplet-crotchet-crotchet beat to a crotchet-quaver-quaver-quaver-crotchet-crotchet beat:

Even if I were to rectify this, however, the barlines are still all over the place and would not be readable on a pdf.

I have noticed an other example where thirteen instruments have been used and the same problem has happened: (starting from bar 13)

I have replicated this bug several times, by creating several backups of the same score. They all appeared to be unharmed, but upon re-opening the next day, all of them had become corrupted. This happened quite a few times, and I would have to remake my score by copying the untouched bars into a new score. I was finally able to save a pdf and a recording using a single working score...but upon reopening, this one was ruint, too.

Thanks in advance! :)


It is possible you still have an old version of MuseScore installed (in addition to the latest version Go to the Programs folder "C:\Program Files (x86)" and see if you have more than one MuseScore folder.

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In response your comment in the other thread...

When you see the problem could you go to Help > About and check what version you are using?

Have you checked whether you still have more than one MuseScore folder in the Programs folder "C:\Program Files (x86)"?

Are you able to share step-by-step instructions for others to reproduce the problem you are describing (starting from an uncorrupted score)?

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I am currently using version, although when these problems occured I was using version I have indeed checked whether I have more than one MuseScore folder in the Programs folder - I believe I may have, although it has now been uninstalled. So far, since then I have not experienced the problem and as I am not quite sure how or why it happened, I would not be able to produce a step-by-step guide.

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