Problems with voltas, repeats and introduction to be played only once.

• Sep 12, 2010 - 10:51

Windows 7


I came across your excellent piece of software the other day and am having fun - and some difficulty - in working out how to use some aspects of it! I wonder if someone could help?

There's one area that I'm a bit confused with, namely how to use Voltas properly to get it to play the right endings each time. In my attachment I have a "1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th time bar" and a separate "4th time bar(s)". Apologies if my terminology is not correct, but this is how I've heard them referred to in my experience. If I play the piece it doesn't sequence properly, in that it jumps straight to the 4th time bar each time and always ignores the 1-2-3-5 time bar. I thought I'd set the Volta properties correctly, but obviously not! What exactly does the Repeat List do?

I also want it to play the first two bars (Intro) only once, but it occasionally jumps back and plays these two on repeat, instead of starting at the Verse bar (third written bar). How can I get it to ignore the Intro after the first play? I've tried setting the repeat count to 1 from 2, but this is greyed out??

What exactly is the relationship / interaction between the repeat count of a measure and Repeat List of a volta in which that measure is situated? Perhaps the handbook could explain this?

Many thanks


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I looked at this. When I played it, the song skipped the music in the 1st volta, instantly went to the top and at the same time played the last volta and that is where the cursor went. When I went to volta properties for the 1st volta, I believe you just need to specify the number of repeats, "3" instead if 1.2.3. However after I had made this change the same action took place on playback. I use the #3 volta to try and replace what you had but there was no difference in playback. Can't do more than confirm that there is a problem, but someone will help you.


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I'm not sure to know how to make 1,2,3,5 and 4. But for the attachment you sent, 123 and 4 is possible.
The repeat lists are ok, you just need to change the "repeat count" of the last measure of the repeat (measure 10) to 4 and it should play correctly. And I also changed the last repeat bar for a normal end bar. See attached file.

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Many thanks for your reply and updated copy of my original file. I can see that you've solved my 'volta sequencing' problem and you've also stopped it from replaying the two-bar intro each time, although I'm not sure how!!??

What I shall do now is write a separate 5th-time volta (if this is possible). This would make it more accurate than my original anyway, as it would incorporate the proper ending.



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