Lyrics in lilypond export

• Jan 2, 2009 - 18:42

Apologies if this is already in the works. I'm running 9.4 on ubuntu 8.10. I really like your lyric entry, but it doesn't show up in my saved .ly file. It would be really good if this could happen soon.


I have done some work on Lilypond export recently. The lilypond export is still in a relatively primitive state, e.g. as compared to xml-export. There are lots of mscore features which do not get exported to lily. But I have noted that there is no lyrics support. My priority is for the time being is first and foremost to get the music exported correctly. I keep a log of things which do not work, and of things that do work, at the end of the file exportly.cpp in the source code. These logs are updated with each of my revisions of exportly.cpp.


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