chord analysis

• Jul 29, 2015 - 16:25

Is there any way Musescore can help me analyze chords?


MiseScore can let you enter chords and play them back. You can pick individual notes from chords and flip them up or down an octave. You can add notes to a chord, remove notes from a chord and change notes within a chord. You can try playing different notes on different instruments. You can look up great pieces with chord progression (e.g. Finlandia) and enter them into MuseScore and play about with them. So, yes, there are many ways that MuseScore can help you to analyse chords.

You can also look at sites such as which will tell you more about chords.


For found chords all Mp3 or link Youtube video ....Use SONGLE.JP or YALP.IO or or

For Mp3 local analyse ...use SONIC VISUALISER and this Add-on CHORDINO

Use also SONGSURGEON Pro 5 very good software ..

Or CHORDTRACER of I P E society


I think that the original question in this back-from-the-dead topic referred to the ability to highlight several notes and to see what chord or possible chords the combination could represent.   Is there a way to do that in MuseScore now?

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