How to customize the dynamics velocities for a particular score?

• Jul 29, 2015 - 17:50

I downloaded a score that is a transcription from a published paper score. I find that on playback the original dynamics markings, as interpreted literally by MS 2.0.0, are too extreme in range, so I would like to change the default velocities: e.g., ALL occurrences of "ff" in this score would be 80 instead of 112, "f" would be 72, etc. Am I correct in understanding that to do this I would need to create a custom workspace with a custom dynamics palette, just for playing this score? Or is there a simpler way, e.g., to change the velocities of the default palette?


click on the dynamics, open the Inspector and change the value "Velocity".
Create a custom workspace only if you think you will use often those values and not the standard ones

If you find the range too extreme for this score, you likely would for all scores, so the custom palette is not a bad idea. But it won't change the existing dynamics already in this score - just new ones that you add. To change the existing dynamics, right click one (say, a "pp"), then Select / More / Same subtype. This will select all "pp" markings, and you can then change the velocity.

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