How do I get a repeated section to repeat three times on Musescore 2

• Aug 1, 2015 - 22:09

I read about how you go onto 'measure properties' and select the number of times you want in repeated but I can find it when i right click...
Any suggestions...


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Thanks, Marc. That was helpful. Seems a bit odd for it to be a property of the measure rather than the repeat barline though, eh?

But I have a question. I set mind to repeat 4x, and the playback works perfectly. But a reader of the paper score does not have that visibility. I could add a staff text manually in all these cases. But isn't there a standard notation for such things that could be (optionally) automatically placed as a visual indication?


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The standard is to have some sort of text, but it's the specific text itself isn't standardized so much because this isn't something typically seen in scores outside the world of pop & jazz, so people have mostly made up their own wording.

As for putting the repeat count in measure properties rather than the barline properties, it's been like that forever but to be honest I'm not sure there's a great reason for it. Makes sense to make to set this on the barline, too. I guess one drawback is that there might be different barlines on different staves (eg, the barline connecting the saxophones is literally a different barline than the one connecting the trumpets, in a big band arrangement. But still, there would probably be a way to force it to work. Back in the day, there were no properties on barlines - no Inspector. See measure properties may have been the only choice.

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