I hear nothing but the piano

• Jan 6, 2009 - 21:41

Hello everybody

I have a little problem tough I think I am the problem ;). When I try to write something for orchestra, I can only hear the piano: all the others instruments are silent. i think there must be some parameters I changed without meaning it but I am a bit confused for I only hear the piano when I write for six or seven violins and a clarinet ... When I just write for the piano and I take the piano scores, it's all right but when I add the rest ... nada.

Thanks a lot for your help


This is a limitation of the default soundfont in the Windows version of MuseScore. If you set up a General MIDI SoundFont then you'll hear all the instruments. See the handbook page SoundFont for instructions.

Sorry to bother you again but since I did what you advise me to do, I can't hear anything at all. I managed to hear once all the instruments like I expectated but then, when I restarted, I can't hear anything. The sound of my computer is on so the problem must come from my probable changing of some hidden icon ;)
Thank you

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