Multiple Voices to One

• Aug 4, 2015 - 02:08

So I've started a score with a MIDI file, it's a vocal trio that I've now spent a few hours correcting all of the guesses the MIDI import made. I noticed right off the bat that there was a second voice that was on each staff, but I figured that it was only rests and I'd find a way to remove it easily once I was finished correcting all of the mistakes. Turns out each part is mostly half one voice, and half the other. It seems theres no quick fix to this and I might have to just restart, but wanted to ask before I did so. Also, how would I prevent MuseScore from thinking there are two voices in the first place? Thanks.


There are a couple of things that can help combine voices - select the passage, then either click a voice icon on the note input toolbar to try to move notes into that voice, or run edit / tools / implode. They work differently, so one might get closer to what you want than the other, but neither will be able to handle cases where the voices differ.

As to how to prevent multiple voices, the easy answer is to say, don't import a MIDI file with overlapping notes within a track. MIDI is not a very good way to start a score, as it lacks a lot of very basic information that a notation program would need to display it well. That said, you can try changing the "Max voices" to 1 in the MIDI import panel that shows when you first import a MIDI file. Chances are good if your file contains overlapping notes, you won't like the results any better, as it may try to substitute lots of ties.

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