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• Sep 26, 2010 - 04:43

Scale music larger--I'm working with some kids doing some basic music, it would be great to print it out 3-4x the size, rather than the current way of printing it and then enlargening it on the photocopier.

I would also like to see the ability at the press of a button to generate sheets for the separate parts (and copy the style from page to page), as well as the ability to add lyrics to a "master page" which would then copy it to the all the pages.

Are these features already there and I'm just daft?


Assuming you are using MuseScore :

To scale the music larger, you can do it in Layout -> Page settings -> Scaling. Increase the number to have a larger print.

You can generate parts in File -> Parts. You may need to relayout parts once created and for the moment, lyrics are attached to the part they have been associated with in the score.

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Thanks for the tip.... I'm using; I guess this feature is incentive enough to download (I usually wait for 2-3 releases before I update).

My problem with the lyrics is the bass doesn't always follow the singing syllabically(?)... it'd be nice to have an option to "insert text box" which has no rules, just put whatever text.

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The handbook, both on-line and in your MuseScore copy, has a chapter about adding lyrics .

There you will find how to add lyrics to notes, either in sequence or skipping one or more notes, how to add hyphens or prolongation lines.

About versions: as laconic said, upgrading to is advisable; in any case your version already has all of the features mentioned in this thread.



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