Lines in the palette

• Jan 10, 2009 - 15:01


I'm writing a 4-stanza piece in which I want to repeat most of the stanza, with the last phrase becoming more impressive each time through. So it plays 5 bars the first time through, 6 bars the second time, 7 bars the third time.

I used the "1" line to indicate the contents of the last bar on the first time through, and that works fine, but I want to use the "2" line to cover two bars, and the "3" line to cover 3 or 4 bars. Is there a way of stretching the line? I can only make it cover one bar. The handbook does not have any instruction for handling lines.

It's not very musical to represent it in text, but I think you'll get the idea of what I want:




Panic over - I found the answer. Double-click the line, and it becomes sizeable. It's in the handbook for other, similar constructs.

It means, though, the the handbook must be fully read and memorised, and cannot be used as a reference to look up just the thing you want to know about.

I have had difficulty a number of times, and found the handbook wanting. If I rewrite parts of it, who do I submit them to?

For detailed instructions see [[nodetitle:volta (1st and 2nd endings)]] . You are correct that the lines page was unfinished but I finished it today. If you have specific suggestions or edits for the handbook please share these in the documentation section of the forum. I would recommend discussing a problem first or sharing small edits before undergoing any major revisions to the handbook. Contributions and feedback are welcome.

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