Musescore on Chromebook

• Aug 9, 2015 - 13:29

Can you confirm that Musescore 2.02 will run on the Toshiba Chromebook 2
CB30-B-103 on which Ubuntu has been loaded to provide a dual-boot platform
with Chrome OS ?
Thank you


It should. I can almost answer with more certainty, since I run MuseScore 2.0.2 on a Toshbia Chromebook 2 under Ubuntu myself, but a) I use Crouton to run Linux rather than setting it up as dual boot, and b) mine is the model with 4GB RAM and the 1080p display, whereas I *think* you are asking about the base model*.

Two things to be aware of, neither of which may end up being issues for you:

1) When running Linux under Crouton, audio in general works, but I had to do some fiddling around to get it working with MuseScore - something about ALSA setup and permissions on /dev/snd/seq that most other applications don't need but MuseScore does. If you are actually planning on a dual boot, that might just work out of the box. If you did mean Crouton, though, you might expect to spend a little while getting playback working. I can try to help if you need it, although I'm not positive what I did. I know I need to reset permissions on /dev/snd/seq every time I boot, though.

2) If you do get the base model this is definitely a non-issue. But on a 1080p display, many Ubuntu applications - including MuseScore - don't scale their UI's very well, or at least they don't under xfce4. Other managers might be better, but with the relatively limited system specs of the machine, xfce4 seems a good choice. I added the "-x" to MuseScore to scale things that needed scaling on my system, and it seems to work for some people on other systems as well, but no guarantees if you use a different window manager.

*It's hard to keep the model numbers all straight. In the US, CB30 was the *original* Toshiba Chromebook, and the Chromebook 2 is CB35. But what I gather, the number you mention is the European version of the Chromebook 2, and specifically the base model with 2GB RAM and the standard as opposed to 1080p display.

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