Notes transferring staves. (Piano, Harp, other 2 staff instruments)

• Aug 16, 2015 - 05:07

In a score I am transposing, I have a harp part as shown below:
How do I set the software so I can move the 16th notes between staffs to show that the melody switches hands?


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First step:
etape 1.jpg
Second: select the fifth note (B) and double-click on the second symbol (from left/up) from the Beams properties palette
etape2 .jpg
Third: hit "X" key to flip the beams
Fourth: select the four last notes (B/Fa#/D/B)
Fifth: hit Ctrl + Shift + arrow/Down
After having continued (and make invisible the rest of the second staff), this is the result final of the first measure:
final result.jpg
And the .mscz file: file.mscz

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